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How To String A Slide Bracelet

If you order new slides from us and would like them added to an existing bracelet we will string them for you for no additional charge. Just ship the bracelet to us and we'll take care of adding slides, cleaning, and making sure all stones are tight. We do recommend insuring such items when they are shipped because of their value. If you prefer stringing new slides yourself the following information will help.

Suggested Tools/Materials:

  • Sheet of thin cork (1/16" thick cork gasket material available at most hobby and auto parts stores)
  • We have also found that decorator pillow foam (available at Wal-Mart and most hobby stores) works well instead of cork. It is washable, non-allergenic, odorless, and durable. The cushiony foam can be cut into small pieces and stuffed into the slide even after the slide is on the chain to prevent the slide from freely sliding on the bracelet.
  • Scissors to cut cork into strips
  • Pointed tweezers for inserting cork
  • Chain nose pliers to open and close jump rings
  • Paper clip
  • Thin wire to form a needle for threading

Remove the slide bracelet chain from one of the clasps of your slide bracelet by using the chain nose pliers to open the jump rings. If the jump rings of your existing slide bracelet are soldered you may need to take the bracelet to a jeweler for servicing.

remove chain from clasp

Cork the slide

It may be necessary to cork the slide charm to prevent the slide from freely sliding up and down the bracelet when there are only a few slides on the bracelet. Beads can also be used to fill space on the bracelet chain to prevent sliding if there are enough slides. We do have 4mm heavy wall filled beads. They are filled with a polyurethane rubber so the beads fit snug on chain and don't slide around, keeping the slides in place. Corking is not necessary when using the filled beads.

Cut some of the cork sheet into strips: 1/8" by 1/2" to 1" long. Push the cork into one of the holes of the slide so that it fills it completely. Repeat packing layers of cork, basically filling the slide with cork. You may need to use some pointed tweezers to insert the cork. Be careful not to tear the cork as you force it into the hole.

fill with cork

String the corked slide

Cut a piece of wire about 3" long. Thread it through the end link of the chain and twist the end to form a "needle" about 1" long.

twist wire creating a needle

Use an unfolded paper clip to make a hole through the cork that is in the slide. This clears an area for the stringing needle and chain. Thread the needle through the hole.

create hole in corkstring chain through

Be sure to hold the ends of the chain even when moving the slide to the desired location on the chain. Make sure the slide is not too loose - if necessary pull slide off and add more cork.

Remove the wire needle from end of chain. Repeat the threading process with the other hole in the slide.

When done adding slides be sure to close the jump rings tightly.


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