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Trade in your old gold for something new!

Don't throw away that old ring! If it's gold trade it in for something new!

Broken chain links, dental gold, school rings, charms, wedding bands, earrings, chain, mountings, pendants - anything gold!

Trade-in your gold items as credit towards new items we manufacture: slides, clasps, omega slides, and custom made rings.

We do not charge any fees for refining the gold items.

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Brooks Fine Jewelry
10 karat $15 per gram $23 per gram
14 karat $21 per gram $33 per gram
18 karat $26 per gram $42 per gram

Prices shown are estimates based on the NY gold spot price at $1836.40 (Last updated: 2020-12-10)

For the currnet gold spot price we recommend visiting

For example:
A common 14 karat gold wedding band may weigh 6 grams. At the New York gold spot price ($1836.40 ) this ring could be traded-in toward a purchase at Brooks Fine Jewelry and save you $207.12 !

Weight of gold does not include any stones or items, such as clasp hooks, that may not be gold. The gold weight is determined by the after melt weight.

Stones in items sent in can be used in purchased items, returned, or used as credit (depending on quality and value of stones)

Please call before mailing us any pieces or if you have any questions.


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